Offshore & gas-tight units are one of the main products for the building requirements of oil & gas industry where durability at harsh environment is expected. Gas tight units are mainly utilized for the gas plants which avoids the gas to enter the container with complex structural & HVAC design. Off-shore units are designed to A-60 fire resistance and generally used on off-shore platforms, islands or sea-ports with high humidity & salty environment. Offshore & gas-tight unit inquiries can be contracted on turnkey basis by APCON® in order to provide all the required services from a single source. Please click for further information about our turnkey capabilities.



  • Can be designed as stand-alone units, coupled units to form larger buildings and multi-storey units up to 4 floors. 
  • Can be designed with forklift pockets as an additional handling alternative to ISO corners. 
  • Additional walkways, stairs & platforms, secondary roofs can be added to the scope to fulfill additional requirements of off-shore and gas-tight units.



  • Are contracted in turnkey basis, including HVAC, furniture, kitchen & laundry equipment, cold store units, even soft furnishing and kitchen smallwares, transportation and assembly & commissioning works, Are designed as heavy duty fully welded containers and offers permanent building solutions. 
  • Utilizes internal ALUFORM® sandwich panels manufactured by continuous lines with coil coated galvanized steel exterior skin to ensure excellent quality for structural, thermal and acoustic integrity.
  • The sandwich panels have been engineered to eliminate cold bridging. 
  • Engineered to resist local conditions including extreme high and low temperatures, extreme humidity, sand & sea storms, salty & gaseous environment, wind & snow loads etc. 
  • Can be tailor-made to fit client specifications, various international codes and standards.
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