Lightweight steel frame building system is the symbol of dry construction technology and can be used for a wide variety of permanent building construction for housing, commercial, industrial, institutional, recreational and many other specialty metal building applications. Lightweight steel frame buildings are cost-effective, offers advantages in construction time, flexible in design and have high seismic resistance. Lightweight steel frame building inquiries can be contracted on turnkey basis by APCON® in order to provide all the required services from a single source. Please click for further information about our turnkey capabilities.



  • Commercial and accommodation buildings can be designed up to 4 storey buildings. 
  • Suitable for industrial buildings such as warehouses, workshops and hangar buildings. 
  • Can be combined with pre-engineered steel structures.



  • Flexible in design in order to fit any architectural & finishing requirement. 
  • Offers faster construction with mechanically fastened frame. 
  • Cost efficient, thermally & acoustically insulated compared to traditional construction. 
  • Engineered to resist local conditions including extreme high and low temperatures, humidity, sand storms, wind & snow loads etc. 
  • Offers long life-span for permanent build construction. 
  • Can be tailor-made to fit client design, specifications, various international codes and standards.
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