APCON® Building Systems

Turnkey Solutions for Prefabricated Steel Industry

APCON® Building Systems serves the steel prefabrication industry with 40 years of expertise in this field and under 60 years of successful and proudful history of PEKİNTAŞ Group. APCON® offers including design, fabrication and construction works with a wide range of prefabricated, pre-engineered, containerized, modular and light gauge steel buildings across the three continents surrounding Turkey and also to all over the world.

Our group factories are located in Düzce and Ankara having totally 320.000 m² open and 80.500 m² closed area, equipped with advanced technology, machinery and production lines.

PEKİNTAŞ Group are producing all the necessary components of prefabrication industry:

  • Pre-engineered steel profiles,
  • Precast concrete,
  • Wire mesh,
  • Panel fence,
  • Light gauge steel profiles,
  • Insulated wall & roof panels,
  • Sheet metal flashing profiles,
  • Trapezoidal & corrugated deck and cladding sheets,
  • Door frames,
  • Miscellenaous cladding & seperation panels,
  • Polycrystalline and monocrystalline modules etc. within our integrated premises.


As APCON® our wide range of products we manufacture with steel prefabrication technology are listed below:

  • Containerized units,
    • Prefabricated panel buildings,
    • Pre-engineered steel buildings,
    • Light gauge steel frame buildings,
    • Modular buildings,
    • Substation and electrical control rooms,
    • Blast-proof and ballistic resistant units,
    • Emergency refuge chambers,
    • Converted ISO containers,
    • Rig camps & trailer mounted containers,
    • Off-shore and gas-tight units,
    • Fully-welded containerized units,
    • Structural steel.

    We mainly manufacture these products for the;

    INDUSTRY sector; workshops, warehouses and office buildings,

    CONSTRUCTION sector; site offices, labor / staff camp buildings, warehouse buildings, laboratories, kitchen and laundry buildings, bridges,

    MILITARY sector; maintenance hangars, sleeping quarters, surveillance huts, blast-proof and ballistic resistant units, military camps, kitchen and laundry buildings,

    OIL & GAS and ENERGY sector; rig camps, trailer mounted units, labor / staff camp buildings, process buildings, substation and electrical control rooms, gas stations, rig-mats and pipe racks,

    HEALTH sector; hospitals, mobile clinics, outpatient clinics and laboratory buildings, EDUCATION sector; school buildings and sports halls,

    AVIATION sector; aircraft & helicopter hangars, airport terminal buildings and observation towers, DISASTER RELIEF; living containers, kitchen and laundry buildings,

    HOUSING AND HOSPITALITY sector; modular hotel buildings, bathroom pods, light gauge steel frame villas, social housing and apartments.

    MINING sector; emergency refuge chambers and process buildings,

    COMMERCIAL purposes; showrooms, shopping & business centers, exhibition buildings, supermarkets and high-rise buildings,

    and for many other auxiliary functions.

    We take a tremendous amount of care in designing the highest quality products and systems on turnkey basis; engineering each aspect from the design and the construction process, civil works, production, logistics, electrical and mechanicals, furnishings & equipment to final installation and handover with economic, quick and safe building processes.

    APCON® understands the customer’s specific needs to construct a tailor-made building and supports with all- inclusive services from a single source till hand over - so that every customer gets precisely the building they need, delivered just when they need it.

    Our engineering team; have vast experience in designing our buildings in accordance with clients’ special requirements and regional specifications and standards starting from the tender phase till handover. Our engineering services in all disciplines are carried out according to the most recent international and national codes and standards. Our building systems can be designed to withstand any climate conditions, including  very high and very low temperatures, snow and wind loads, relative humidity and sand storms etc.

    We use ALUFORM® brand sandwich panels and trapezoidal sheets in our prefabricated panel building, container and industrial plant applications, which are produced in our country’s newest, fastest and most advanced panel line. Sandwich panels with painted and galvanized steel sheet covered outer  and  inner surfaces provide high quality in terms of structural, thermal and acoustical aspects. ALUFORM® sandwich panels are engineered to prevent heat bridges and water / moisture penetration at intersection points.

    Our goal is to become the biggest manufacturer in Steel Prefabrication & Construction Industry and produce the highest quality projects throughout the region and also to use the advantageous location of Turkey; in  order to reach all the clients and markets especially on the three continents surrounding Turkey and also to deliver our products all over the world. Our objective is to build robust and sustainable long-term perspective, institutional relationships with our clients and to have 100% satisfied international customers.

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